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Bruce Roberts-Goodson

Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding.
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NEW ! SUPER STUDY BOAT PLANS ... Delivered by DOWNLOAD to your computer. The study plans have lists of materials & equipment etc & these will be useful in costing out the complete boat. Each STUDY PLAN contains ALL the construction drawings for each material - FIBERGLASS as applicable to the particular boat plan - with up to 25 sheets per plan!  Lists of materials - Technical information.

Numerous construction drawings are all included. You can view & print the drawings in full or in sections. BUILDING PHOTOS are included in the study plan package. PLUS you receive a FREE (value 79.95) e-book BUILD YOUR OWN POWER BOAT or MOTOR YACHT  

STUDY PLAN  EURO 3200   119.95 - €162.95 - us$185.95       

Euro 32 M / 106 ft Motor Yacht (Charter version)

The Euro 3200 can be built in either FIBERGLASS, ALUMINUM OR STEEL.

The study plans cover the building of this boat in FIBERGLASS in considerable detail. 

If you are interested in either STEEL or ALUMINUM construction please email Bruce for additional details.

Bruce Roberts designed POWERBOATS and TRAWLER YACHTS are available as cut-to-size kits and complete boats.  Pre cut boat kits are all the metal parts required to build a complete boat. These parts are computer generated and NC Plasma cut before they are packed and delivered ready for you to start assembling and welding into the finished boat. We design and nest the package using our specialized computer programs, then cut on a computerized plasma-oxygen cutter. These kits are shipped world-wide each in individual containers.

This boat is designed in accordance with Lloyds  for category 1 (unrestricted operating / sailing area), which is much better than the EU and other Classification Societies and the  CE-A require. Complete stability calculations are included in the design package. All calculations are also cross referenced against ABS requirements to ensure that the design meets world-wide standards and specifications.

In the case of KITS, all plate parts belonging to the hull, deck and superstructure that are accurately cut to size are included. The parts are marked with the appropriate part number and engraved matching marking lines to assist in the assembly and location of the part in its position. Cutting method is Plasma / Oxygen, ensuring highest accuracy and smooth edges.


Plate parts are cut from Lloyds approved A Grade Shipbuilding quality STEEL that has been coated with factory applied Sigma weld MC welding primer.  We use and recommend steel plate that has the official designation ISO standard 10474 or EN 10204 with 3.1.B certificate.

L.O.A. 32.30 m 106'   00"
L.W.L. 28.65 m 94'   00"
BEAM 8.23 m 27'   00"

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Charter layout shown, alternate custom arrangements available to suit your requirements.


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