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Bruce Roberts-Goodson

Illustrated Custom Boatbuilding.
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STEEL AND ALUMINUM STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES plus boat plans & building instructions
This is one big robust world cruiser ! Based on the well proven Roberts 532 ( many sailing) was used as the basis of this new STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES.... BACK TO VOYAGER 542
L.O.D. 16.45 m 54'   4"
L.W.L. 14.8 m 48'   8"
BEAM 4.9 m 16'   0"
DRAFT 2.03 m 7'  0"
DISPL. 30,845 kg 68,000 lb
BALLAST ( includes weight of steel keel structure ) 7,484 kg 22,000 lb
S/A - Displacement ratio   20.86

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Engine-room air intake - Custom details like this make
the difference as practical & visual improvements to any vessel

These photos are of the interior of "Western Grace" the Roberts 532 / Voyager 542 built by Christensen Yachts and now operated as a successful charter boat ... contact  CHARTER THIS BOAT

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There are several ways
that the Voyager 542 can
be laid out below decks.

Note the two double cabins aft ... This is a proven charter layout as used in Western Grace.

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V542 under sail - You can charter this boat ... PLUS build your own ! See below for more details !

Dear Bruce:  I reviewed the web page showing some of the details of SV WESTERN GRACE. (Voyager 542 / Roberts 532)  I recently chartered a cabin on this vessel while in Alaska.  The boat is absolutely divine!  The design is awesome and the performance is superior.  Under sail in a mild breeze (20kts or so) we made 6 kts going wing and wing.  I sailed the boat and she handles like a dream.  Western Grace is truly a showpiece of a vessel & Christenson Yachts Ltd did a top notch job in building her.  Sincerely Randy Murrah Joshua, TX